• Advertising work by Ian Birnbaum

    Just a little bit weird

  • UPS

    Solving Missed Packages

    UPS needed a way to explain to customers that their packages weren't coming to their doors again. Using brand guidelines, I matched the distinctive UPS voice to explain to customers when, where, and how their packages would reach them.


    Concept and Copy

  • Avnet

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    AVNet wanted their customers to upgrade to new HP server arrays. I pitched them on an Alice in Wonderland themed site. The copy focused on the tagline, "Send a mind-boggling amount of data down the rabbit hole."


    Concept, storyboards, and copy

  • Tealium

    Build Your Cloud

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    Tealium wanted a way to tell customers that they didn't have to settle for one-size-fits-all technology solutions. Inspired by Build A Bear workshops in malls everywhere, I pitched the concept of a cloud-building workshop.


    Concept, storyboards, and copy

  • Spectralink

    Feeling Connected

    Spectralink wanted hospitals to know they had a better way of keeping in contact with nurses and doctors. I pitched a campaign based on getting away from isolation using the an island castaway and a message in a bottle.

    Concept, storyboards, and copy

  • Schneider Electric

    Redacted Information

    Schneider Electric needed its existing industrial customers to upgrade their software to capture more production data. I pitched the concept of a classified report with all of the important details obscured. As targets moved through the site, they slowly saw more and more campaign copy.


    Concept, storyboards, and copy

  • Akamai

    Internet Jungle

    Akamai had a simple message: the internet is a dangerous place for businesses. To sell their security upgrades to IT managers, I pitched a recreation of the classic video game, Pitfall. Targets played their way through the campaign, viewing more copy as they went.


    Concept, level design, storyboards, and copy

  • Coho Data

    Big Bad Wolf

    Coho wanted customers to move to an adaptable, scaling server solution. They called it, "Coming home." I pitched the idea of the three little pigs shopping from an unreliable and toothy real estate agent.


    Concept, storyboards, and copy

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